A Slow End to Lockdown

Thomas Freitag May 2nd, 2021 We are now two weeks out from a further scaling back of British lockdown restrictions- an achievement that seemed implausible when restrictions were re-imposed at the beginning of this year. It is surprising how fast the time has gone by- Churchill College was quite lonely throughout the Easter Break butContinue reading “A Slow End to Lockdown”

Reflecting on unique opportunities fostered by the pandemic

As we head into our first date of easing restrictions next week with U.K. schools reopening, I have been taking some time to reflect on some of the uniquely positive side-effects of life in Cambridge during lockdown and the pandemic in general. Daily life has undoubtedly become a bit more monotonous over this stretch ofContinue reading “Reflecting on unique opportunities fostered by the pandemic”

the running zoo 🐸 (and other pandemic adventures)

by Sal and Anna, February 11, 2021 Sal: Throughout the year, we have enjoyed nightly runs around Cambridge. We’ve run everywhere from Cambridge’s city center, where we pass buildings hundreds of years old, to outside of town, where fields with sheep and horses surround us. Our runs started with requiring navigation from Anna’s phone toContinue reading “the running zoo 🐸 (and other pandemic adventures)”

A Dichotomous Situation

January 23, 2021 Michael Xiao My experience in Cambridge has been a generally enriching one so far, despite the realities of the COVID-19 situation. Today, on a rare snowy day, I reflect back on my decision to come to Cambridge. In doing so, I came across a paragraph that I wrote in my application essayContinue reading “A Dichotomous Situation”

Returning to Cambridge- Updates on lockdown, research, and goals for this term

Hello everyone, apologies for my lateness in writing this blog! I have been re-adjusting to life in Cambridge after a fantastic winter holiday in the States. Spending three weeks in New Mexico, I took every chance that I could to soak up the snowy landscapes and winter sunshine. I have posted a picture of oneContinue reading “Returning to Cambridge- Updates on lockdown, research, and goals for this term”

Coming Home to the States

January 1st, 2021 Jamie Lee Michaelmas term, which officially concluded on December 4th, felt like a sprint to the finish line — most of my courses (which are all taught) such as Probabilistic Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Robotics, had assignments due in the past few weeks. Despite the cumulation of work, many of theContinue reading “Coming Home to the States”

Embracing discomforts

December 23rd, 2020  Azim Dharani          When applying for the Churchill scholarship, I was told to look forward to conducting cool research, exploring Europe, and eating late night kebabs with new friends. While the people and kebabs have been great here, I’ve realized that one of the most rewarding and least talked about aspects of studyingContinue reading “Embracing discomforts”


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