Welcome to Michaelmas — The First Week of Classes

October 18th, 2020 Jamie Lee This week marked the beginning of my journey as an MPhil in Machine Learning & Machine Intelligence (MLMI) student! This is a primarily taught program, so I am taking courses all throughout Michaelmas term including Introduction to Machine Learning, Speech Recognition, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and more. Initially, I wasContinue reading “Welcome to Michaelmas — The First Week of Classes”

Cambridge During COVID- A Reflection on What Has Changed

As an undergraduate, I was elated to learn that I had received the Kanders-Churchill Scholarship, because it meant that I would have the privilege of continuing my studies at Cambridge for another year. I completed my senior year of undergrad at Jesus College through a program offered by the University of Pittsburgh and got toContinue reading “Cambridge During COVID- A Reflection on What Has Changed”

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